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How does it work?

Facial massage effectively stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage mechanisms, contributing to the reduction of swelling and improvement of skin elasticity. Advanced massage techniques allow for manipulation of muscle and skin tissue, which initiates increased collagen production, a noticeable lifting of facial contours, and the reduction of wrinkles, double chins, and other facial issues.

When will I see results?

The effects of a properly performed facial massage are often visible after the first session. The effectiveness depends on many factors, although lasting effects are usually noticed by our clients after 21 days of regular use. We include a free 21-day or 7-day plan, depending on the product, with every purchase

🔍 Effectiveness studies of facial massage with tomography.
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Experience professional spa treatments in the comfort of your own home with this device!

  1. Radiofrequency - Thermolifting:

    • Collagen Booster: Increases collagen production, improving skin elasticity.
    • Wrinkle Reducer: Tightens the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
    • Extreme Lifting: Firms the skin, leading to a smoother and more contoured facial appearance.
  2. Red Light 630nm - Photorejuvenation:

    • Healing Enhancer: Promotes skin healing and rejuvenation.
    • Wrinkle and Fine Line Reduction: Diminishes visible signs of aging.
    • Skin Tone Improver: Evens out and enhances overall skin tone.
  3. 3D Rotating Head Massage - Circulatory Stimulator:

    • Blood Circulation Booster: Increases blood flow, enhancing skin health and vitality.
    • Lymphatic Drainage Facilitator: Helps reduce fluid retention and detoxifies the skin.
    • Complexion Brightener: Leads to a brighter, more radiant complexion.
  4. EMS for Face - Muscle Stimulation:

    • Muscle Toner: Tones facial muscles, providing a lifting effect.
    • Skin Firming: Tightens and firms the skin, enhancing facial contours.
    • Youthful Appearance Enhancer: Helps maintain a youthful and revitalized skin appearance.


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